As many of you know, we launched our site in September 2019 and from the beginning, it’s been very well received! Thank you to everyone who came to the site, read articles, wrote for us and or shared it with your community.

We have taken some time off to analyze who’s reading our content, what is resonating with people and where we can continue to serve the youth sports community that we believe in so much!

Going forward we will continue to have great content posted every week with the focus on:

  • Youth Athlete Stories
  • Parents of Youth Athletes – Sharing their journey
  • Coaches – Sharing their wisdom 
  • Professional & Amateur Athletes – sharing their insights
  • News & Events for Youth Athletes

So where does that leave you the reader? Good question!

We would love to have you consider writing for us and or sharing your story. If you’re a parent, an athlete, a coach or someone who works within the youth sports community we would love for you to add your voice to our community. To support our movement to educate, connect, support and empower young athletes and community that support them.

The other option is if you have an upcoming event for youth athletes and want to make sure to get the word out about it, we are happy to share that as well. Our goal is to educate, support and empower the next generation of youth athletes as well as the community that supports them, so any way we can do that, consider us in!

For more information and or to share a story email Katherine at:

In the meantime, stay tuned as we are working hard to continue to bring you great stories, starting February 3rd!

Thank you!